Veggie Scrub Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Washer

  • Veggie Scrub exfoliates away dirt, wax, pesticides and debris from fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, quickly and easily without chemicals
  • Remove contaminants from fresh produce without peeling the skins;
  • saves time, preserves vital nutrients, and reduces food waste
  • Wear like a mitt to scrub longer produce like carrots, cucumbers and celery, or use like a colander for smaller produce like cherry tomatoes and limes
  • Place delicate herbs inside and run under water without scrubbing; gently rinses away dirt and protects leaves and stems from bending or bruising
  • Approved by Cooking Club of America; easy to use, self cleaning, quick drying, durable, reusable, economical and recyclable
Veggie Scrub cleans fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, quickly, without the use of chemicals. All fresh produce should be well cleaned before being consumed, even organic produce. Veggie Scrub’s unique design exfoliates away dirt and debris, wax, pesticides and contaminants. Clean produce without peeling the skins! Saves valuable time during food preparation, preserves the vital nutrients and reduces food waste. Use Veggie Scrub under running water for the best vegetable wash and fruit wash. It’s how to clean produce the natural way. Wear Veggie Scrub like a mitt to clean longer, narrow produce like carrots, celery, cucumbers, rhubarb and zucchini. Place apples, avocados, beetroot, potatoes and oranges inside and rub and rotate to clean their skin. Use as a colander for smaller produce, like cherries, kiwis, plums, string beans and cherry tomatoes – place inside and gently rub them together. Veggie Scrub protects delicate items, like strawberries, leafy greens and herbs. Place delicate item inside Veggie Scrub and rinse, without scrubbing, which will protect tender leaves and stems from being crushed or bruised. When your produce is clean, give Veggie Scrub a quick rinse. Shake away excess water and hang it to dry. Veggie Scrub is durable, reusable, and recyclable and has been tested and approved by members of Cooking Club of America.
Item Number: KB2
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