SpoonStir, Red

  • SpoonStir Food Chopper for scooping, chopping, scraping, and stirring foods and serving from the pan to plates
  • Proudly made in America; FDA-approved, BPA-free nylon; won't stain or scratch surfaces; safe for nonstick cookware; measures 10 x 2.25 x 1.25-inches
  • Unique back blade chops and scrapes the sides of the pan while the spoon scoops and stirs; continue chopping action until food is sized as desired
  • Easily chops ground meats, cooked potatoes or hard-boiled eggs for salad, transforms frozen juice concentrate into juice in seconds, and more
  • Heat safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit; easy to use; hangs to store; no sharp edges or moving parts; safe for all ages; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
The SpoonStir is the ideal cooking utensil to chop, stir, and scrape foods while cooking, and scoop and serve directly from pan. Made in America from FDA-approved, BPA-free nylon, the spoon features a patented scratch-free back blade that easily cuts foods into smaller, equally sized pieces to cook evenly and in less time. Perfect for cooking and chopping fresh or partially thawed ground meats, cooked potatoes or hard-boiled eggs for salad, mashing fruit into beverages, transforming frozen juice concentrate into juice right in the pitcher in seconds, and more. There are no sharp edges or moving parts so it's safe and easy for anyone to use, even kids. Simply place food in a pan over medium-high heat. Using only enough downward pressure to cut through, chop food into 1-inch pieces. Cook until almost completely browned, then chop into even smaller pieces, if desired. Used the back blade to scrape the sides of the pan as well and stir contents to cook them thoroughly. Proudly made in Colorado, USA, SpoonStir is sturdy, durable, heat safe to 500-degrees Fahrenheit, and won't scratch non stick pots and pans. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Do not leave SpoonStir in hot pans while not in use.
Item Number: 20612
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