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The world has been roasting for centuries, and it is a well-known fact that to ensure results turn out perfectly, the proper roasting equipment is required. HIC, Harold Import Co., provides you with all the cooking supplies you’ll need to prepare a perfectly roasted chicken, properly caramelized vegetables, and a deliciously prepared Sunday roast beef.

In a roasting pan or on a rack, HIC, Harold Import Co., your kitchen equipment supplier, has it all and more. Our assortment takes you from prep to cooking to serving. We boast an extensive selection of basters, injectors, twine, roasting racks, pans, lifters, stuffing bags, gravy separator, gravy boats, and so much more including our popular porcelain turkey platter. Oh, and don’t forget the professional chef carving knives.

Whether it is a turkey for the holidays, or a chicken for Sunday dinner, HIC, Harold Import Co. has all the roasting tools and cooking supplies required to make the meal a success.

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