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Here at HIC, Harold Import Co., our mission is to to bring you the best culinary supplies, essential cooking tools, gourmet kitchen supplies and food preparation equipment at the most affordable prices. With more than 3,500 diverse kitchen tools and gadgets from over 25 countries, you are sure to find the culinary supplies you need at the prices you can afford.

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  • Asian Cooking – Whether you are looking for bamboo steamers, Chinese chef knives or sushi accessories, you'll find them and much more from HIC, Harold Import Co.'s selection of Asian cooking supplies. We also carry a number of Asian cookbooks that will have you making heart-healthy, home-style Asian food with surprising eg Tooase in no time. 
  • Baking tools – The baking accessories category at HIC, Harold Import Co. encompasses hundreds of baking tools and utensils, specialty baking supplies and bakeware sets, offering everything that a professional or domestic baker could need. The Mrs. Anderson's Baking® brand, developed and made by HIC, Harold Import Co., offers unique bakeware items for pie baking and cake making, to candy creating or bread making. We also offer bakeware from Ateco, Gobel, and more, including a vast selection of pans in both aluminum and non-stick.
  • Canning - Canning with the correct canning tools is essential. We offer lid lifters, jar openers, sieves, nut milk bags, apple slicers and peelers, choppers, and more, helping you create delicious canned goods with ease. 
  • Cleaning - - In addition to being one of the leading resources for gourmet kitchen supplies, HIC, Harold Import Co. is quickly taking the lead in housewares and cleaning supplies, offering our own HIC brand of cleaning tools, including a variety of cleaning brushes, scouring pads and more. Additionally, we offer hundreds of products in this category from a variety of well-known brands, so the kitchen tools and gadgets you need to keep everything neat, clean and organized are always only a short drive or a click away.
  • Coffee & Tea – At HIC, Harold Import Co., we've been stocking home kitchens and corner coffee shops since 1957 with the best and most sought-after coffee and tea products and brands. 
  • Cookware - HIC, Harold Import Co. brings the finest of Asian cooking tools to the kitchen with our line of high quality woks from Helen's  Asian Kitchen. Choose from the traditional carbon steel wok for maximum performance, quick heat response and uniform heating, or a nonstick version with Excalibur premium nonstick or Xylan nonstick coating. Our flat bottom woks sit securely on any stovetop, a design that is adapted for the American cook. 
  • Cutlery –– Knives are a fundamental tool for every professional kitchen, and here at HIC, Harold Import Co., we are well known as the place for high-quality cutlery—even for those hard-to-find items. We offer blades in ceramic, hardened stainless steel, carbon and more, from brands including Cutlery Pro and Helen's Asian Kitchen, along with the tools to sharpen them and the cutting gloves and edge guards to use and store them safely. 
  • Entertaining – Let it be known that HIC, Harold Import Co. loves a good party. That's why our Entertaining category is overflowing with a wide assortment of unique kitchen gadgets designed to get your party started. 
  • Flatware - C- Complementing our porcelain dinnerware and serveware is our collection of HIC Flatware. Available the classic Celene and Oxford patterns, our flatware puts the final touch on the table presentation. 
  • Kitchen Gadgets - At Harold Import Co., we are well known as the place for unique kitchen gadgets and gourmet cooking utensils. We carry a diverse assortment of top-of-the-line food preparation equipmentcooking tools and cooking items, such as the Atlas pasta machine from Marcato, Bron mandoline slicers, and the Brix jarKey, to name a few. From handheld julienne peelers to the intricate Benriner mandoline slicer, Harold Import Co. makes sure that these item, and more, are only a short drive or a click away.
  • Pasta and pizza tools - Pasta and pizza tools are one of our specialties. We offer them from the Fante's brand, designed and made by HIC, Harold Import Co., as well as from Marcato, the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality tools for making pasta, bread, pizza and biscuits. If you’re looking for ravioli forms, pizza pans or pasta drying racks, we’ve got it all when it comes to pasta and pizza tools and equiptment.
  • Porcelain Bakeware – HIC's Porcelain Bakeware collection is oven, broiler, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. You'll find the widest range of souffle dish shapes, over 15 ramekins sizes, creme brulee and quiche pans, au gratin dishes, and our infamous - and highly reviewed - HIC Porcelain Lasagna Pan, all in one place . . . at HIC, Harold Import Co.  
  • Roasting - To ensure that the maple-glazed turkey (or that slow-roasted pork shoulder, or honey ham) has a crispy exterior and a deliciously moist interior, HIC, Harold Import Co. provides a complete selection of roasting racks with nearly 20 styles to choose from, whether it is v-shaped, flat, adjustable, or a vertical rack. From injectors and basters to cooking twine and slicers, HIC has everything you need to ensure the results are tasty and delicious. 
  • Scales - Measuring ingredients by volume or by weight is the cooks' choice. For those who prefer the precision of weighed ingredients, HIC, Harold Import Co. has kitchen scales to help you tackle any cooking or baking project. 
  • Storage and Organization - Our kitchen storage list is long: Can openers, resealers, fizz-keeper pump caps, soda chargers, jar openers, lid lifters, rubber grips, pump and pours, funnels, jar knives and scrapers, ketchup savers, jam spoons, ice cream scoops, and plastic squeeze bottles to name a few. Our widely diverse offerings ensure you will find the perfect gadget for that special need. 
  • Tabletop - HIC porcelain tabletop products are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe and pair perfectly with our HIC porcelain dinnerware. You'll find serving platters, rice bowls, gravy boats, condiment dishes, cereal bowls, vegetable bowls, and other tabletop accessories.
  • Textiles - HIC's collection of kitchen textiles, including aprons, oven mitts, kitchen towels and kitchen linens, features styles coming in classic, retro and contemporary along with fabrics in waffle weave, microfiber, terry, Egyptian cotton, and bamboo. There is truly something for everyone! 
  • Thermometers & Timers HIC knows that precision in baking and cooking is the key to perfect results, that’s why our collection of thermometers and timers are designed to ensure precise results. Whether it’s for candy making, roasting and beyond, out extensive collection of thermometers fill all your needs. Similarly, our collection of kitchen timers, available in both analog and digital format, accurately perform so your results are perfect.

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