Original JarPop JarKey Makes Appearance

Monday, October 12, 2015

During the segment, which ran October 12th, Christopher Kimball, founder, America’s Test Kitchen, discussed his favorite gadgets, then briefly demonstrated how the JarKey is an easy and efficient solution to helping break the seal and easily open jars. As an added treat, members of the audience were gifted their own personal JarKey.

Check out the segment here:

Five Amazing and Inexpensive Kitchen Gadgets that Could Change Your Life


Prompting JarKey’s appearance on The Rachael Ray Show was that it was chosen as a recommended pick by Cook’s Illustrated, receiving three stars for comfort, and three stars for ease of opening. The review, which appeared in the July/August 2015 issue, involved testing of seven jar openers on jars of all shapes, sizes, and materials to find the best all around pick. To read the Jar Openers review in the July/August 2015 issue, visit Cook’s Illustrated online.

Cook’s Illustrated and America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) is constantly in search of products that offer the best value and performance. As part of their testing process, ATK strives to figure out why one product is better than another, and to explain that reason to its readers. Because they accept no advertising, Cook’s Illustrated provides completely unbiased, no-nonsense product reviews.

JarKey is often referred to as the “World’s Easiest Jar Opener” due to its patented design that fits all traditional preserving jars. It quickly and effortlessly pops the vacuum seal, making it easy to open the lid with no twisting or gripping. The unique design features a special three-point principle that ensures the vacuum is released, allowing for a gentle lift without damaging the lid. It is made of high density ABS plastic and has has no sharp edges or points or moveable parts.  Fits all traditional preserving jars. Available in an array of fun colors.