Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Pie Crust Bag, 14in.

  • Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Pie Crust Bag for rolling perfectly round and consistent pie crusts to bake evenly without guesswork or sticky, floury mess
  • Made from naturally non-stick silicone; strong, durable, reusable; stays in place when in use; compact for flat and easy storage; measures 16.5-inches
  • Size guides eliminate guesswork for rolling precise 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14-inch dough rounds; transparent material displays contents clearly
  • Naturally non-stick surface releases dough easily without torn edges or holes; ideal for rolling pie crust, cookie, pastry, pizza, and pasta dough
  • Simply place dough inside Pie Crust Bag and press it flat, zip bag closed, and roll dough to desired measurement; dishwasher safe
Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Pie Crust Bag rolls perfectly round pie crust dough to the optimal size and a consistent thickness. Rolling a perfectly round, perfectly sized pie crust has never been easier! Ideal for rolling both standard and deep-dish pie crusts, cookie, pastry, pizza, and pasta doughs, the naturally non-stick silicone easily releases dough to baking dishes without forming holes or torn edges. The bag design zips closed to contain unwanted mess, while the contents are clearly visible through the transparent material for easy monitoring. Size guides eliminate guesswork rounds of dough to exact dimensions (6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14-inches). This must-have of baking accessories is easy as pie to use. Simply place ball of dough inside and press it flat, zip bag closed and roll dough to the precise dimension. To transfer rolled dough to baking dishes, unzip the bag, center pie dish face down on the dough round, hold them together gently and flip them upright. Carefully peel the bag away from the dough. Mrs. Anderson's Silicone Pie Crust Bag is naturally nonstick, strong and durable, and compact for easy storage. Turn inside out and hand wash with warm, soapy water or place on the top-rack of the dishwasher. Dry thoroughly before zipping up and storing. Instructions included. Brought to you by HIC Harold Import Co. Packaging dimensions: * Length: 17.75 inches * Width: 4.25 inches * Height: 1.8 inches
Item Number: 42007
Catalog Page Number: 283