Mrs Anderson's Baking Pie Bird, Porcelain

  • Mrs. Anderson's Pie Bird allows steam to escape from meat and fruit pies to reduce spillage and prevent top crusts from sagging while the pie bakes
  • Made from fine quality porcelain; strong and durable; fun and functional; flat base adds stability during use
  • Steam vents through the bird's beak to prevent pie filling from bubbling over; top crust is supported by the bird's shoulders, eliminating bowed crust
  • Place bird at center of bottom crust, spoon in filling, add top crust with small hole so bird sticks out, pinch crust around bird to seal, and bake
  • Allow to cool slightly before removing as Pie Bird will be hot; dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
Mrs. Anderson's Pie Bird blends a centuries-old fairy tale rhyme with baking pies. This whimsical Pie Bird, also known as a pie vent, pie funnel, pie chimney, or pie whistle, allows steam to escape from the juices of meat and fruit pies while they bake to prevent the pie fillings from bubbling over and baking onto the racks or oven floor. Steam escapes through the bird's vented beak while the flat base adds stability during use. Whether learning how to make meat pie or perfecting a fruit pie from scratch, this hero of baking accessories works hard to keep delicious filling inside the crust where it belongs. Easy to use. Simply drape bottom crust in the pie dish, place the Pie Bird in the center, and spoon in the pie filling. Add the top crust and cut a small hole so the Pie Bird can stick out to vent steam properly. Pinch the center of the top crust to the bird to seal and bake pie according to the recipe. Allow to cool slightly before removing as the Pie Bird will be hot. Made from fine-quality porcelain, Mrs. Anderson's Pie Bird is decorative yet functional, strong and durable. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Brought to you by HIC Harold Import Co.
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