Little OodleDoodle Kids Decorating Kit

Monday, August 26, 2013

Little Oodle Doodle

Little Oodle Doodle Food Decorating Kit

Little Oodle Doodle Decorating Kit
  • Little OodleDoodle Kids' Food Filling and Decorating Kit
  • Set of 10 bags with attached decorating tips
  • One-piece disposable food-decorating bagd esignedespecially for children
  • Improves hand-eye coordination skills while encouraging
    children to be creative in the kitchen
  • Disposable 12" bags – no need to wash tip and store for future use
  • Great for decorating cupcakes, cookies – even deviled eggs
  • Includes several decorating tip designs and sizes:
    • Food-filling size: 1"
    • French star sizes: 1/4" - 9/10"
    • Round and piping sizes: 1/9" - 1/5"