Solve Your Kitchen Storage Needs

Keeping food and kitchen supplies stored and organized is an easy task when you have HIC, Harold Import Co. in your kitchen. Our broad range of storage items to keep you organized in the kitchen, are must-haves for ensuring easy access to fresh food every day of the week.

HIC, Harold Import Co., a leading kitchen equipment supplier, offers and endless supply of solutions designed to keep your kitchen in order, including Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen bamboo drying racks and utensil holders, our coffee storage solutions from Brix, and our fun and on-trend uCap collection tops off mason jars for drinking, storing, and displaying.

Keep produce fresh during storage with FreshPaper, FreshTape and food labels from Jokari. Our collection of fruit and vegetable savers to ensure unused produce doesn’t go to waste, and keep salad, bread, produce and herbs fresh until ready to use with our assortment of storage bags and kitchen equipment supplies.

The possibilities are endless, and HIC, Harold Import Co. brings together some of the best kitchen equipment supplies to keep the most used room in the house organized and ready for your next food-fixing adventure.

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