Gourmet Housewares Scholarship Recipients

Monday, May 6, 2013




HIC Harold Import Co. would like to officially congratulate the 2013 Scholarship Recipients of the Chicago area C-CAP program! The Gourmet Housewares Scholarship Foundation raised a record breaking $25,000 at this year's Gourmet Cocktail Hour & Silent Auction at the International Home + Housewares Show, which helped provide scholarships for C-CAP students. This year C-CAP was able to award high school seniors scholarships with the help of the money that was raised this year through The Gourmet Housewares Scholarship Foundation. To read the full article click here.



HIC, Harold Import Co. has been a supporter of C-CAP since 1990. In 2009 HIC, Harold Import Co. established The Gourmet Housewares Scholarship fund, to help create scholarships for underserved high school students interested in pursuing culinary careers.

 Below is the list of students who were able to receive scholarships this year and past years, thanks to the monies raised though The Gourmet Housewares Scholarship Foundation:

YearNameHigh School AttendedCollege AttendedWhere they are working now
 2013  Sara Aragon  North-Grand  Washburne Culinary Institute  
 2013 Leonard Gutierriez, Jr.  Washington  New England Culinary Institute   
 2013 Daneka Kelly  Harper  Joliet Junior College   
 2013 Wendy Martinez  Prosser  Le Cordon Bleu   
 2013 Uzziel Orozco  Gallery 37  Joliet Junior College   Ada Street
 2013 Brianna Sappington  Prosser  Unknown   
 2013 Alma Villa   Richards  Washburne Culinary Institute  
 2012 Joshua Bethea   Simeon University of Missouri   
 2012 Elaine Martinez  Curie  Washburne Culinary Institute   
2012 Dominique Pulliam Simeon Northern Illinois University  
2012 Angelica Ramirez Prosser The Culinary Institue of America (NY) Saigon Sisters
2012  Lovell Walker Simeon  The Art Institute of Las Vegas  
2012 Passiyon Wyatt   Dunbar The Art Institute of Atlanta    
2011   Zarai Arroyo  Prosser Lexington College  Ed Debivics
2011   Cinthya Hernandez North-Grand  Lexington College    
2011   James Molter  Prosser The Culinary Institue of America (NY)  Hot Chocolate
2010  Candace Banks   Tilden Joliet Junior College   
2010 Kenneth Griffin Dunbar Washburne Culinary Institute CPS
2010 Ebony Roberts-Cook CVCA Illinois Institute of Art/Western Illinois University  
2009 Eunice Avitia Curie    
2009 Ashanti Bowens Simeon Howard University  
2009 Lottie Jones Manley New England Culinary Institute Private Catering


HIC's President Robert Laub speaking to the 2013 C-CAP Scholarship Nominees


Guests gathered at the Gourmet Housewares Cocktail Hour event and Charity Auction in Chicago on Sunday March 3, 2013, under dimmed lights and a lively atmosphere, to enjoy dishes prepared by C-CAP students from 9 Chicago high schools, and listed to the music of Grammy nominated, blues artist John Primer.




To see more pictures of the 2013 Gourmet Housewares Cocktail Hour & Silent Auction click here.

C-CAP works with public schools across the country to prepare underserved high school student for college and career opportunities in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

If you would like to participate in supporting Chicago area C-CAP students, please join us in March 2014 for the Gourmet Housewares Cocktail Hour event and Charity Auction in Chicago - where C-CAP students share their culinary talents via a cocktail hour abundant with their mouthwatering dishes, and live musical entertainment. Please e-mail us at service@haroldimport.com if you'd like to receive more information as the event approaches.

You can also make a donation online, through their website, www.ccapinc.org.