Wholesale Cutlery and Food Preparation Equipment

As any professional chef will tell you, using professional quality knives is a must in the kitchen, and HIC, Harold Import Co. is here to ensure all your needs are met. Our food prep equipment offerings encompass an extensive assortment of knives, intended for may specific needs from creating garnishes to slicing a turkey.

Our professional chef knives are the ideal food prep equipment that take your kitchen prep to a new level. At the heart of our professional quality cutlery offerings is the Cutlery Pro line of essential knives for everything from pruning and paring to slicing and carving. 

And, to complement our range of cutlery, we offer numerous related accessories from Dexter Russell, American made cutlery and tools since 1818, including turners, scrapers, oyster knives, serving forks and more.

We’re here to help you get a cutting edge in the kitchen.

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