Featured Baking Accessories From Mrs. Anderson's Baking®

Made to last, Mrs Anderson’s Baking US Half Size Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat is for baking cakes, breads, dough and pastries, and cooking sweet or savory dishes, or freezing foods. Featuring FDA-approved silicone with woven natural glass fibers inside, the mat ensures even heat transfer and the non-porous surface eliminates worry of cross contamination of food.


An essential for all pie bakers, Mrs. Anderson's Baking Pie Bird allows steam to escape from meat and fruit pies to reduce spillage and prevent top crusts from sagging while the pie bakes.
Made from fine quality porcelain in the shape of a bird, the steam bents through the bird’s beak, and the top crust is supported by the bird’s shoulders – so no bowed crust


Apple Peeling Machine – This unique baking accessory is quick and easy to use. Slice and core - or just peel. 
Works great with apples and potatoes. Gourmet kitchen supplies such as Mrs. Anderson's Apple Peeling Machine are great for making pies, tarts and applesauce or peeling potatoes. Suction base attaches securely to any clean dry countertop or table or for porous surfaces, use the enclosed c-clamp that fits countertops up to 1 1/2” thick.


Natural boar bristles and a wooden handle make the Mrs. Anderson's Baking Solid-Ferrule Pastry Brush a strong and durable choice for glazing foods, applying melted butter or egg wash, basting meats and poultry, and more.

Fully sealed to eliminate bacteria growth and the concern of cross contamination. The handle is hangable for easy, compact storage.


Unbleached Parchment Paper - Mrs. Anderson's Professional Quality Unbleached Parchment Paper is nonstick, waterproof and greaseproof! Environmentally friendly parchment paper promotes chlorine-free waterways, contains no aerosol propellants and is recyclable and biodegradable. FDA approved.


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