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Measuring by weight is more exact than doing so by volume, and that’s why professional chefs turn to scales for measuring when baking or cooking. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home baker, you can turn to HIC, Harold Import Co. for a wide selection of scales and cooking supplies in varying styles, capacity, and function.

For any home cook or baker who is looking to take their meals to the next level, our collection of kitchen equipment helps you get a more accurate measurement of ingredients to help ensure your results will turn out perfectly. If you’re looking for diet scales or 11-lb. capacity scales, analog scales or slim digital kitchen scales, we’re here to provide you with just the right scale to meet your needs.

An essential kitchen tool that is part of our baking accessories collection, HIC, Harold Import Co., your kitchen equipment suppliers, have the finest scales from world-respected companies including Salter and Polder.

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