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Anyone who enjoys transforming sun-ripened fruits fresh from the farmer’s market or capturing the fresh flavor of home-grown vegetables knows the importance of having home canning supplies on hand. That’s why HIC, Harold Import Co., has many great kitchen supplies & products for home canning so that you can stock away your preserves for the enjoyment throughout the year.

HIC, Harold Import Co.’s collection of canning kitchen equipment helps you strain jellies, cheese and preserves, make almond milk, prepare fresh tomato sauce or applesauce, or pickle or preserve. Our collection of food prep equipment & related kitchen supplies is designed to help you easily transform seasonal fruits and vegetables into delicious and nutritious meals to be enjoyed throughout the year.

First-time and experienced canners consider HIC, Harold Import Co., a resource for nearly all their home canning needs. If you’re canning, dehydrating, or freezing, we’re you’re go-to source for nearly all your home canning and preserving needs.

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