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We know that you care about helping preserve our natural resources and saving our environment, because so do we. We also know that you are committed to giving your family the best. That's why Beyond Gourmet cooking and baking accessories are made with 100% unbleached materials.

At Beyond Gourmet, we are committed to providing environmentally-friendly, healthy cooking and baking products that help protect our precious resources through the use of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes.

Beyond Gourmet unbleached Parchment Paper and Baking Cups eliminate the need to grease baking sheets and pans, so your food will be healthier without sacrificing taste. Our unbleached Coffee Filters do not contain potentially flavor-altering dioxins, and a pot of coffee made with a Beyond Gourmet Coffee Filter tastes remarkably clean and crisp. The Cheese Cloth is great for straining liquids or bundling herb.

Since no chlorine is used in the making of our products, no harmful byproducts are released into our environment. Even the packaging for Beyond Gourmet products is made from 100% recycled materials. Beyond Gourmet Parchment Paper, Baking Cups, Coffee Filters and Cheese Cloth proudly carry the Green Seal of Approval, meaning they have proven to meet rigorous, science-based environmental standards. Beyond Gourmet products are Certified under GS-18, which includes standards for recycled content, reduced bleaching, and reduced packaging.

When you choose Beyond Gourmet, you can be confident that you are helping promote a cleaner, safer environment.


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