Bay Mill Potato Brush

  • Bay Mill's Potato Cleaning Brush gently removes dirt, pesticides and debris from fresh potatoes without the use of chemicals or causing damage
  • Made from high-quality food-grade polyethylene; easy to grip, even when hands are wet; durable and reusable; saves time and reduces food waste
  • Dual-textured bristles clean potatoes for safe consumption without damage; brush side-to-side for a soft touch, top-to-bottom for a firmer scrub
  • Originally designed for surgical use, redesigned for delicate vegetables; scrubs carpet and fabric stains, cleans nails, holds bar soap, and more
  • Remove contaminants without peeling away and discarding skins and their vital nutrients; rinses clean; top-rack dishwasher safe
Bay Mill's Potato Brush gently cleans fresh potatoes without the use of any chemicals or causing damage. High-quality bristles with dual textures gently removes dirt, wax, pesticides and debris to ensure produce is clean and safe for consumption. Using the brush to clean potatoes eliminates the need to peel away and discard the skins to preserve vital nutrients found in the skins, reduce food waste, and save valuable food preparation time. All fresh produce should be cleaned well before being consumed, even organic produce. For the best vegetable wash, simply scrub produce with the brush under running water, moving it side-to-side for a softer touch and top-to-bottom for a firmer scrubbing. Once produce is clean, give the brush a quick rinse, shake off any excess water, and set aside to dry. Originally designed for surgical use, Bay Mill's Vegetable Brushes were specifically redesigned to include gentler bristles to clean delicate vegetables. Each Bay Mill vegetable scrubber features bristles of the appropriate firmness for its intended vegetable and are color matched for quick identification in among other cleaning tools. Great for scrubbing out carpet and fabric stains, cleaning nails, turn upside down to hold bar soap, and more. Made from food-grade polyethylene, they're durable and reusable. Top-rack dishwasher safe for a more thorough cleaning.
Item Number: 7500
Catalog Page Number: 218