Anderson’s Pie Crust Maker Makes an Appearance

Monday, November 30, 2015

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 as part of a segment entitled, The 4 Kitchen Gadgets that will Save Your Life this Holiday Season.

The pie crust maker is part of a segment in which Christopher Kimball, founder, America’s Test Kitchen, discusses his favorite holiday gadgets. Kimball demonstrates the benefits of using the pie crust maker, including how it helps create perfectly round pie crusts, then allows for easy and safe transfer of the dough without tearing.

 Check out the segment here:

The 4 Kitchen Gadgets that will Save Your Life this Holiday Season

In addition to Kimbell’s endorsement, members of the studio audience received the Mrs. Andersons Pie Baking Bag, and viewers were provided with a web link in the end credit for where to purchase the product.

Mrs. Anderson’s Pie Crust Maker Mrs. Anderson’s 14-inch Easy Pie Crust Maker is specially designed for rolling perfectly round pie crust dough to the optimal size and thickness for 11-inch, 12-inch and deep-dish pies. No more anxiety over misshapen dough or uneven crusts! Dough can be easily rolled into a perfectly round circle with a consistent thickness for even baking without raw, doughy pockets. It zips closed to contain unwanted mess, yet is transparent to display contents clearly for easy monitoring. It safely transfers delicate dough to baking dishes without it tearing.