Aerolatte MokaVista Espresso Pot with Viewing Window on the Lid, 6 Cup

  • Aerolatte’s MokaVista with unique viewing window allows close monitoring of the brewing progress without over-extracting or burning espresso
  • Crafted from heavyweight aluminum for proper heat transfer; water boils evenly and diffuses through ground coffee at the proper time and temperature
  • See when coffee is done through viewing window; more precise than listening for percolation; lid remains closed to maintain optimum coffee temperature
  • Fill indicator in the boiling chamber ensures precise water ratio for consistent results; protects pressure valve from being covered for safe brewing
  • Styled after 1930s Italian classic; easy to use; resists rust; stay-cool handle and knob; no-drip spout; hand wash or rinse; includes instructions
Aerolatte’s MokaVista Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker with a unique viewing window in the lid allows close monitoring for a precise coffee brewing process. This modern upgrade to the 1930s Italian classic inspired design is a simple, yet groundbreaking solution to the longstanding challenge of how to make espresso at home and master its precise timing. With a clear view inside the brewing chamber, it’s easy to see when coffee is done. No more guessing! No more over-extracted or burnt espresso! Much more precise than listening for percolations or periodically lifting the lid to check its progress. The lid helps retain precious heat so brewing isn’t interrupted and keeps coffee at its optimal drinking temperature. Additionally, a water level indicator inside the boiling chamber ensures the proper water-to-coffee ratio for the most flavorful cup and protects the pressure valve from being covered for safer brewing. Perfect coffee accessories for the coffee enthusiast and easy to use. Simply separate the top and bottom chambers. Remove funnel from the bottom chamber and fill with fresh water to the indicator line. Replace funnel and measure in finely ground coffee. Reassemble the top and bottom chambers and place the pot over a low heat. Once coffee begins to bubble from the percolating column (about 4 minutes), remove from heat and allow the pot to finish brewing. Wet grounds are retained in the bottom chamber and fresh-brewed coffee is collected in the top, ready to serve and enjoy. Stay-cool handle and knob on the lid keep hands away from heat. No-drip spout for mess-free serving. Resists rust. Hand wash in warm, soapy water. When used regularly, simply rinse with water and allow oils to coat the interior of the pot for a more complex flavor. Complete instructions included. Replacement silicone gasket and funnel are available.
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