Aerolatte Cafe Porcellana Espresso, Black

  • Aerolatte's Porcellana Espresso Coffee Maker for brewing on all stove tops, except induction, and serving a perfect cup of espresso
  • Made from fine porcelain and aluminum for proper heat transfer; pressure valve ensures safe brewing
  • Unique split design separates pot from the base for easy serving; water boils evenly to diffuse through ground coffee at proper time and temperature
  • Simply add water to boiling chamber, spoon coffee into the filter, secure closed and place over low flame to brew; includes easy-follow instructions
  • Easy to use; rinse base between uses; porcelain pot is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
Aerolatte's Porcellana Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker brews and serves a perfect cup of coffee. After boiling water diffuses up through the ground coffee, brewed espresso flows up the gooseneck percolating tube and into the porcelain pot. Its unique split design is a groundbreaking solution which allows the brew chamber to be lifted off from the base for serving espresso right at the table. The design also makes knowing when coffee is done easier. No more guessing how to make espresso at home. The pressure valve in the base ensures a safer brewing experience. This espresso pot is a perfect addition to coffee accessories for the coffee enthusiast and it's easy to use. Simply unscrew the top and remove the coffee funnel from the bottom chamber. Add fresh water to the just below the pressure valve. Replace funnel and measure in finely ground or espresso-grind coffee. Reassemble the bottom chamber, top with the porcelain pot, and bring to a boil over low heat. Once coffee stops percolating out of the gooseneck tube, remove from heat. Wet grounds are retained in the bottom chamber and fresh-brewed coffee is collected in the porcelain pot, ready to serve and enjoy. Made from fine porcelain and aluminum for proper heat transfer, Aerolatte?s Porcellana Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker base and coffee funnel are hand washable in warm, soapy water. The porcelain pot and lid are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Complete instructions included.
Item Number: 006
Catalog Page Number: 44