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Here at HIC, Harold Import Co., we offer quality culinary supplies and essential cooking tools to keep you cooking. From the latest trends to the most tried-and-true kitchen basics, gourmet kitchen supplies from HIC, Harold Import Co., help you chop, cook, roast, bake, serve and entertain. From prep to cleanup, generations of home cooks and professional chefs know that you can't have a kitchen without HIC.

Our Wholesale Cooking Brands & Tools

Culinary shops all over the world count on HIC, Harold Import Co. as their high-quality kitchenware importers. Our Family of Brands include HIC, Mrs. Anderson's Baking®, Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen®*, Fante's Italian Home Cooking, TWG, The World's Greatest™ GadgetsBeyond Gourmet, Cutlery Pro, and Elizabeth Karmel's Grill Friends®. Our Extended Family Brands represent the most renowned names for your gourmet kitchen including aerolatte® and Marcato. Additionally, we carry thousands of gourmet kitchen supplies from leading brands from around the world.

Read about our kitchen and cooking equipment brands along with our wholesale & commercial kitchen product categories to get the full range of culinary supplies that HIC, Harold Import Co. has to offer.

You can find our culinary supplies at a fine retail establishment near you. Contact us for more information about gourmet kitchen supplies from HIC, Harold Import Co. or call us today at 1-800-526-2163.


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Our Extended Family

Learn about HIC, Harold Import Co.'s extended family of fine brands. We carry kitchen tools from top brands such as aerolatte®, plink®, Deglon and many more. 



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