Pie Baking With Mrs. Anderson's Baking® Accessories

Perfect the Art of Pie Baking With Baking Tools and Utensils from Mrs. Anderson's Baking®

There probably isn’t anything that conjures up such wonderful family memories as the pies that have been baked and eaten together.  Pie baking – and eating – is a tradition that Americans have come to embrace, at any time of the year. In spring it may be a Rhubarb Custard Pie, in summer a Peach-Raspberry Delight, while in autumn, we enjoy a Candied Sweet Potato Pie, and for the cold days of winter, why not a Dark Chocolate Meringue Pie? Oh, and don’t forget holiday and celebration pie. Clearly there isn’t a time of the year, when the tradition of baking and eating pies don’t fit into the occasion.

Many of us look to our mothers or grandmothers for inspiration in maintaining the pie baking tradition. Now we can look to Mrs. Anderson’s collection of pie baking accessories essentials to help make it all happen. From rolling pins to pie shields, Mrs. Anderson is with you every step of the way ensuring everything from the crust to the final appearance of the pie is perfect, allowing you to carry on the tradition for yet another generation.

Perfect Pie Baking Starts With the Right Baking Accessories

Perfect pie baking requires care and attention to detail, from the quality of the ingredients used, to preparing its dough and filling, baking, and definitely its presentation. Your grandmother may not have had a collection of baking tools and utensils designed specifically to help with pie baking, but with Mrs. Anderson’s at your side, you’ll have the right baking accessories to help make pie baking, fun, easy, and definitely delicious.

A Perfect Crust

A perfect pie starts with a perfect crust – one that is tender and flaky, showcasing the distinct layers of the dough. To achieve ideal flavor, color, flakiness and doneness, we all have our favorite recipe, which may include all butter, shortening, vegetable oil, lard, olive oil, or part butter/part shortening - each of which imparts a slightly different result. Whichever recipe you choose, it is essential that the ingredients are properly incorporated, without too much handling. Grandma may have used two butter knives to cut together the butter, lard or shortening, but the pastry blender from Mrs. Anderson’s is faster, more efficient, and definitely more convenient. The rounded shape of the pastry blender, gives you greater leverage as you move it through the ingredients, helping create uniform pea-sized particles, which will result in a tastier baked crust. And, because it is so efficient, you’ll never overwork the dough.

Once the dough is chilled and ready for rolling out, remember too much handling, and the addition of too much flour (to alleviate the stickiness) can turn that dough tough and hard, and in turn, loosing its desirable flakiness. The pastry cloth and frame is a favorite of home and professional bakers alike. This handy tool easily stretches out on your work space, giving you a stick-free surface to work on, while also providing handy size guides, and cutting down on cleanup by keeping the counter clean.

Pie crust bags and other baking accessories from Mrs. Anderson's Baking® Easy to use, simply lightly flour the cloth board and rub into the cloth fibers. You’ll find the dough is much easier to roll out, lessening the stickiness – and the temptation to add more flour. The handy size guides on the cloth give you the confidence that the dough is rolled out the correct size the first time.  For even more convenience, Mrs. Anderson’s offers a Pie Crust Bag, which allows the baker to roll the crust inside the bag, for a perfect size every time.

When rolling out dough, try Mrs. Anderson’s collection of wooden rolling pins for ease and ergonomics. Available in either handled or tapered French designs, the pins are designed to offer just the right weight for rolling dough. The wooden pins can be lightly floured to prevent sticking dough, then give you perfect leverage for creating sooth, even, crust. When creating crust directly in the pie plate, try the Double Dough Roller, which evenly rolls the dough into place, readying it for a delicious cherry filling.

Specialty Baking Supplies That Perfect the Look

Sometimes a pie’s beauty lies simply in its ingredients, which perfectly meld together to create a sublime and satisfying taste. But there are times when you just want to take a pie to new heights with a bit of added adornment. Making lattice tops is easier when using Mrs. Anderson’s Lattice Pie Topper. Simply roll out the dough, press the topper down to cut, and place the dough on top of the pie. This easy-to-use tool takes the work out of pie baking, replacing the time-consuming, and often frustrating work of weaving the dough into a lattice design.Get pie weights and other specialty baking supplies from Mrs. Anderson's Baking®

For those times when pre-baking a crust is required to ensure the crust does not get soggy from a wet filling – or, if custard pie is in your future, it is important that the crust does not puff up and shrink. Some home bakers use beans to weigh down the dough during baking, but with Mrs. Anderson’s Pie Weights, you’ll never have to worry about having enough dried beans on hand. Offering two versions for different preferences, the traditional pie weights are a collection of individual pea-sized ceramic weights that can be placed in the bottom of the pan to keep the dough in place while baking. The reusable individual weights give the baker the option of using different sized pies, from traditional 9-inch sizes to individual pie plates. For those who prefer, there is the Pie Weight Chain, which allows the baker to coil the weights in a circle on the bottom of the pan.

Perfect Baking Accessories for Perfect Baking

Pie shields from Mrs. Anderson's Baking® collectionIt takes more than just a proper temperature in the oven to properly bake a pie. It is a carefully match between baking the pie fully, while ensuring the crust remains tasty, flaky, and not burnt. And, that’s where Mrs. Anderson’s made a name for herself. The innovative Original Pie Shield, first introduced in 1989, gave home pie bakers the confidence that all their hard work would produce a perfect crust. No need to grab the aluminum foil and fashion a makeshift shield for the crust, whether you’re making from scratch, or baking a frozen pie, Mrs. Anderson’s pie shield keeps the crust from browning too much, while allowing the rest of the pie to thoroughly bake.

The original 10” pie shield is also available in a popular 9” size, as well as a silicone shield that fits either 9-or 10-inch pies. Whichever you choose, Mrs. Anderson’s covers you – and the crust – to ensure perfect results.

Perfect Baking Tools and Utensils

Mrs. Anderson’s also offers a collection of other great baking accessories perfect for pie baking, cookie creating, and decorating. Mrs. Anderson’s wide selection of high-quality baking tools and utensils, includes sifters, cookie cutters, whisks, cherry pitters, cooking torches, icing tools, forms and much more – all designed for every day and special occasion baking.

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