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Every great meal starts with a perfect recipe, and that’s why everyone knows that the kitchen equipment supplier, HIC, Harold Import Co.’s cookbook collection and commercial kitchen supplies are sure to get you cooking.

Ranging from appetizers to main meals and desserts, to entertaining at the grill, creating easy Asian meals, or transforming the season with holiday treats. Our best-selling cookbooks are filled with culinary inspiration for any home chef and baker and include recipes. The how-to’s, tips, and photos will take you from breakfast to dessert, and through every family celebration with the right home and commercial kitchen supplies.

With insight from award-wining chefs and author’s including Rose Levey Berenbaum, Helen Chen, and Elizabeth Karmel, our collection of cookbooks is the perfect complement to all of our home and commercial kitchen supplies, including home bar supplies, kitchen utensils, baking accessories, Asian cooking tools, coffee accessories, and so much more.

As your kitchen equipment supplier, any of our cookbooks is destined to be one of the most used kitchen equipment supplies in your home.

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