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HIC, Harold Import Co. is proud to call Helen Chen a partner in Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen® made by HIC Harold Import Co.

Helen Chen is a leading Asian culinary expert, cookbook author, cooking instructor and developer of Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen® cookware and cooking supplies.  Helen learned to cook from her mother and has combined the comfort of home-style dishes with an updated incorporation of heart-healthy oils and readily available supermarket ingredients—making cooking great Asian food easier for everyone.

Helen Chen's unique line of Asian cooking supplies was developed through many years of culinary experience and provides the kind of high-quality standards that you can expect from HIC, Harold Import Co. Some of the products available in the Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen® innovative line of Asian cooking utensils include steaming accessories, cutlery, cookware, tea & sake, tabletop, utensils and housewares.

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  • Cookbooks
  • Bamboo Steamers
  • Steamer Liners
  • Steaming Ring
  • Dumpling Press
  • Universal Kitchen Scissors
  • Porcelain Ginger Grater
  • Suribachi
  • Classic Chinese Chef Knife
  • Classic Santoku Knife
  • Universal Picnic Knife
  • Universal Ceramic Pairing Knife
  • Universal Kitchen Tweezers
  • Spiral Slicer
  • Porcelain Perfect Rice Cooker
  • Tamago Pan (Japanese Omelet Pan)
  • Excalibur Woks
  • Excalibur Stir Fry Pans
  • Caron Steel Woks
  • Carbon Steel Stir Fry Pans
  • Spider Strainer Basket
  • Spider Strainers
  • Bamboo Sushi Mats
  • Bamboo Sushi Makers
  • Chopsticks
  • Silk-Wrapped Chopsticks
  • Sushi Tray
  • Bamboo Cooking Utensils
  • Bamboo Rolling Pin
  • Bamboo Silverware Tray
  • Bamboo Cocktail Forks
  • Bamboo Utensil Holder
  • Bamboo Rice Paddle
  • Bamboo Cooking Chopsticks
  • Bamboo Dish Rack
  • Ceramic Sake Pot
  • Ceramic Sake Cup
  • Ceramic Oolong Teapot
  • Ceramic Oolong Tea Cup
  • Sushi Plate
  • Soy Dish
  • Soy Sauce Pot
  • Jasmine Teapot
  • Jasmine Tea Cup
  • Japanese Paper Leaves

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