Featured Products From Mrs. Anderson's Baking® - Baking Accessories for the Home Kitchen

Apple Peeling Machine – This unique baking accessory is quick and easy to use. Slice and core - or just peel.  Works great with apples and potatoes. Gourmet kitchen supplies such as Mrs. Anderson's Apple Peeling Machine are great for making pies, tarts and applesauce or peeling potatoes. Suction base attaches securely to any clean dry countertop or table or for porous surfaces, use the enclosed c-clamp that fits countertops up to 1 1/2” thick.

10” Pie Shield –  Mrs. Anderson started with the 10” Pie Shield and it is still at the heart of her line.  Mrs. Anderson's Pie Crust Shield produces a beautiful pie crust every time.  Excellent size for 9.5” and 10” pies – frozen and homemade.  Pie rises in the middle reducing spillage.  More convenient to use than foil.  Durable and reusable.

Crank Sifter –  Mrs. Anderson's line of unique baking tools and utensils includes this handsome crank sifter. It's crank handle aerates flour and other sifted ingredients.

Unbleached Parchment Paper - Mrs. Anderson's Professional Quality Unbleached Parchment Paper is nonstick, waterproof and greaseproof! Environmentally friendly parchment paper promotes chlorine-free waterways, contains no aerosol propellants and is recyclable and biodegradable. FDA approved.

Parchment Paper - Mrs. Anderson's Professional Quality Parchment Paper for non-stick baking and cooking. Parchment paper is nonstick, waterproof, greaseproof and 100% chlorine free. FDA approved.



































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