Featured Asian Cooking Utensils from Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen®

Get premier Asian cooking supplies like the handy Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen® wok set

Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen® 14” Carbon Steel Flat-Bottom Lidded Wok Set – Helen Chen's four piece wok set includes carbon steel flat-bottom wok, high-domed lid, 13” bamboo spatula and recipe booklet. This versatile wok can be used to prepare stir fry, stew, sauté, deep fry, braise, boil and so much more.  Traditional heavy-gauge carbon steel for quick response and uniform heating.  Flat bottom sits securely on any stovetop —gas, electric or induction.  Heat-resistant, natural bamboo handles.  Includes helper handle. Carbon steel is recyclable and bamboo is 100% sustainable making this piece of cookware eco friendly, too.

Find essential Asian cooking utensils like the Spider Skimmer

Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen® 5” Spider Skimmer – Durable stainless steel basket and a heat-resistant, natural bamboo handle.  Drains food quickly and thoroughly.  A quality Asian cooking supply that is sturdy, light and easy to use.

Bamboo Steamer by Helen Chen

Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen® 10” Bamboo Steamer – Helen Chen has done it again with this delightful two-tier bamboo steamer. This three-piece set includes 10” bamboo steamer, bamboo lid and recipe and instruction booklet.  Ideal for reheating and serving your favorite Chinese dim sum, Mexican tortillas and more.  Ideal for vegetables, meats, seafood and fruits.  Strong and durable.  Handmade of 100% natural bamboo for traditional Chinese design.  Absorbs condensation so no water will drip back onto the food.  Tightly constructed and woven to trap steam for quick-and-efficient cooking.  Steaming preserves minerals and vitamins in foods and is widely recognized as a low-fat cooking method.





















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